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Fractional ownership of a beach home in Punta Banda, Baja California.



Fraccional ownership baja


Only five partners,
Includes all maintenance & upgrades for 3yrs. 
This is a co-proprietorship, not a timeshare




Own 13% of a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, fully furnished beach home

  • 6 weeks per year of usage
  • Sell your percentage anytime for market value
  • Partners are guaranteed high maintenance of the property, upgrades and replacement of furnishings
  • If the co proprietorship of partners decides to sell all shares to a third party (an offer we can’t refuse) – each partner will receive 14% of the sale
  • Your ownership registered in the dept. Of public record, of the county of Ensenada

This is a great investment, all the advantages of ownership without the hassle

Maintenance & security-the property title holder manages and guarantees high maintenance & receipts for all maintenance costs and improvements

A private community with security at the entrance

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